Poster Girl (tonialaird)

You’re the biggest celebrity in the universe. But when you discover your entire past was a lie, you begin unraveling a deadly conspiracy that could cost you your life.

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One of my favorite sci fi picks of all time! I love being able to pick what June does as the “poster girl” of the entire freaking galaxy. She’s a certified badass - at least how I play her, she is! LOL.

Just so you know, chapter 1 and 2 are duplicated!

Really enjoyed the government corruption plotline. One of my new favorite stories.

Super excited to read this, the plot sounds great! Just waiting to collect enough keys


Could i borry some mascara?

Loving this, shame I don’t have more diamonds to spend!

i really like the storyline

really love the story

I don’t why but I keep getting a black screen in chapter 19 and can’t progress

love this game !

amazing story



I’m stuck on chapter 17. The choice that starts with “Truthfully?” loops indefinitely.