Poster Girl (tonialaird)

You’re the “poster girl” of the newest human colony: an ideal citizen and a major celebrity. However, you soon discover that your family, who you had been told were dead, may still be alive. Abandoning your life of privilege and power, can you unravel the deadly conspiracy within your own government?

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One of my favorite sci fi picks of all time! I love being able to pick what June does as the “poster girl” of the entire freaking galaxy. She’s a certified badass - at least how I play her, she is! LOL.

Just so you know, chapter 1 and 2 are duplicated!

Really enjoyed the government corruption plotline. One of my new favorite stories.

Super excited to read this, the plot sounds great! Just waiting to collect enough keys


Could i borry some mascara?

Loving this, shame I don’t have more diamonds to spend!

i really like the storyline

really love the story

I don’t why but I keep getting a black screen in chapter 19 and can’t progress

love this game !

amazing story