Pursuit of Unity (Elias-Gebru)

This is not just a fiction
Knock & Shall It Be Opened, Read & You Shall Enter
“Shalom. Peace be upon you,” said Jesus to his disciples, as he entered the room… but he is not the only one who greets like this.
A Muslim says, “Aselamun Aleikum,” as he greets his Muslim fellow. The English translation turns out to be “Peace be upon you…”
Peace, Universal Love and Unity are the life principles of Rastafarians and Unitarian Universalists.
A Hindu individual greeting is “Om Shanti,” though the words have a vaster definition. To describe in simple words it means, “May peace and love reside with you.”
Jews say ‘Shalom’ which has also the exact same meaning.
Apart from the billions and billions of people who use the above greetings in their day-to-day life, there are also some of us who are not specifically following one religion, but who have an equally holy greeting which emits positivity such as ‘Hello friend. How you doing folks?’ or just a single word like ‘Peace’, in our respective languages. Anyways, WE SAY TO YOU, “PEACE BE UPON YOU.” May the blessings of the almighty be with all of us and unite us in his kingdom!
In all cases of the above greetings the word ‘peace’ is referring to the ultimate form of it. This form of peace is the climax achievement of humans. Well, we may do this the hard way or the easy way. If we are seized by the games of life and select the hard way, the Peace of an individual has three trinity components. Physical, mental, and spiritual… Let’s illustrate them one by one:
The first one is the physical component of life:-
It scopes from fulfilling the basic desires of our physical body to affording luxurious commodities. This represents numerous things such as a relatively healthy body, a good posture, nutritional and sexual stability, shoes and clothes, shelters up to mansions, cars up to private planes, and boats could be included in this category.
The second one is the mental category:-
Our mind has never rested from raising questions that need an answer. We must thank God or The Primal Energy for letting us have the ability to think, since this is what has been triggering the human race to explore the many mysteries of the universe that needed explanations. This process increases our intellectual identity and while we keep on growing internally as an individual, through reasoning and experience, we will begin to live in the pursuit of wisdom externally as a society. And as many of our societies live like this, our world will prosper in the pursuit of unity internationally, and that is in fact, a great achievement. The peace of mind is gained through knowledge, smooth social interactions and the many positive emotions we can feel like joy, love, hope and gratitude. These will finally add up to a state of wisdom and elation.
The third component is the spiritual aspect of life:-
‘All visible things are made up of invisible things.’
metaphysical dimension. There is no limit, from bigness so to smallness, or any limit to the bond between them. Starting from our emergence in this universe we have been wondering where we came from and ‘Our Founder’ has been sending many heralds and signs to answer our calls. We do know many people don’t even believe that our origin is God, because they didn’t get the answer for the ‘What was before God?’ question, but WE TELL YOU THIS: ‘TIME IS ALSO A CREATURE OF GOD AND THERE IS NO BEFORE OR AFTER FOR THE ONE WHO BREATHED WITHOUT A BREATH, THE ONE WHO GENERATED THE BEING FROM THE NON-BEING!’
Even if we forget to cultivate new thoughts and experiences, try not to forget that no one can tell you your own truth and no one can decide what your journey will be instead of you. But we cannot deny the fact that some people can be a reason for the remembrance of our true identity, either by reminding us or being a role model, of course we are just trying to remind you.
Some of us go to churches or temples, some of us go to mosques, and some of us just sit for meditation and listen to our souls for a durable time, or some of us go deep inside ourselves by listening to good-vibe music. Some even pray all night long while others just see the world as a holy place. In all of these we are women and men who do this because we believe that there is more to this life, more than this visible world around us, a world which is perceived by the sensory organs. We believe in a reality which only could be realized through love, faith, prayer, forgiveness, empathy and patience. We see beyond the limit and visualize that invisible place; a place of unity between God and man. In other words, when we have faith in the unseen sentiment, we develop a grand awareness and unshakable connection to an entity vaster than ourselves. When we grasp this awareness our spirituality will be incremented infinitely.
Behold, the three components of peace if we choose the interesting, longer way. But the most vital thing we have to incorporate in each of our DNA is to keep the balance of life.

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