Ranch Hand Romance (eyegnats)

When you leave the big city and move back to your family’s ranch, you find yourself swooning over your parents’ new ranch hand, a sultry stranger with a mysterious past. While the heat between you grows, you cross paths with the town’s gorgeous vet and the neighboring farm’s swoon-worthy widow. Who will capture your heart?! And do you have to pick just one…?

Play on Mobile: https://link.talescreator.com/1bv76pEmNpb

hi, sorry if you’ve gotten this feedback already but this story keeps crashing and then it becomes unable to resume even if i restart the app. i wonder if its the personality traits? because it happens after i make a choice. anyhow, keep up the good work! i keep restarting the story to see what this poor girl faces next!

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Thank you for reporting → team is informed :slight_smile:

In charpter 2 it crashing why? I have restartet charpter 2 20 times the same happing all the time it just crashes???


reported :slight_smile:

Chapter 2 still crashing

loving this so far!

This was def a cute story had a little bit of everything

This story is hilarious, sexy, and really well written!

how did you do all the leveling and rolling?