Ranch Hand Romance (eyegnats)

Leaving the big city and moving back to your family’s ranch never crossed your mind…until it was suddenly the only way to save it. While navigating the newness of open air, clear skies and lots and lots of cattle…you find yourself swooning over your parents’ new ranch hand, a handsome, burly stranger with a mysterious past. While the heat between you grows, you happen to cross paths with the town’s gorgeous vet and the neighboring farm’s mysterious widow. Who will capture your heart?

Play on Mobile: https://link.talescreator.com/1bv76pEmNpb

hi, sorry if you’ve gotten this feedback already but this story keeps crashing and then it becomes unable to resume even if i restart the app. i wonder if its the personality traits? because it happens after i make a choice. anyhow, keep up the good work! i keep restarting the story to see what this poor girl faces next!

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Thank you for reporting → team is informed :slight_smile:

In charpter 2 it crashing why? I have restartet charpter 2 20 times the same happing all the time it just crashes???


reported :slight_smile:

Chapter 2 still crashing

loving this so far!

This was def a cute story had a little bit of everything