Reign (piccalillywrites)

You were queen bee until you had to leave town. Now you’re back, but the social scene has changed. Will you reclaim the throne or is your reign over?

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This series is really fun! I love the social intrigue and the battling to stay on top of a rapidly shifting social scene. I just wish there were more episodes! Are you planning on writing episodes 4+? I WANNA READ THEM!

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I’m super excited to see Reign here on Tales, it’s an awesome story

I’m looking forward to more chapters


this aeems like a very fun story can’t wait to finish it!

waiting for new episodes!

Hammer Time



I played this story on episode, but didnt finish it, intrigued to start this story here on Tales

my fav episode story ever and now it on tales omggggggg


Plz finish and update asap so good