Saving Alexandria (alexshelby)

Project Recall, the CIA’s clandestine time travel division, recruits Maxine Getty for another mission… to SAVE KNOWLEDGE.

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Book Club selection! :smiley: I love Maxine so much so I’m biased. First question: are you reading both Saving Alexandria AND Saving Lincoln, or just one and why?

Second question: how do you feel… about ELIAS.

I’ve read Saving Lincoln some time ago and never realized there was a sequel until now. So far, I am intrigued by the multiple time jumps this time around. Elias’s pride and ego-driven behavior is an interesting pairing for Maxine too.

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I’ve just finished reading Saving Alexandria

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and it was amazing, I definitely loved that they were multiple time jumps, it was interesting to read how several intances can still change the outcome. I definitely love Elias, he added a nice touch to the story…I did not see it coming that he was a double agent

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Yeah, it’s a whole different thing having Elias with you! Did you get to read the whole story? What did you think of his addition?

How did your relationship with Elias end? :open_mouth:

Yes, I loved the twists and turns with the mission towards the end. Elias’s involvement and alternate motives really shifted the dynamic too. I’m glad he sided with us in the end and worked to see the mission through.

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when we completed the last mission, we did not have our heat suit due to running away from the guards so he covered me wit his whole body when the time was up…in the end he died and I survived

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oh NOOOO RIP Elias