Schism (DJManly)

Xander knew that Sundar was the love of his life, but he’d gotten lost somewhere along the way; and he wasn’t sure if he’d ever find his way back home. When Xander is accosted by the big, handsome cop and mistaken for a minor gone AWOL, he goes along with it. After all, the guy turns him on big time, and Xander figures that eventually the truth will come out and they’ll have a good laugh.

But Sundar is really miffed when he discovers that he’s wasted his time with this guy, though he can’t just leave him out in the cold for the night. And he can’t deny that Xander’s constant flirting is getting to him.

When Xander makes him a proposition he can’t resist, Sundar’s life gets turned upside down, especially when he discovers that Xander is playing for keeps.

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