Shadows of The Past (Sinethemba)

“Shadows of the Past” weaves a captivating tale around Tihelo Masimo, a 27-year-old technician, whose life takes an unforeseen turn when a long-buried memory of her other grandmother resurfaces. This poignant narrative explores the impact of a seemingly innocuous childhood incident—playing with a charcoal iron in a humble hut, surrounded by the comforting aromas of boiling mealies and pumpkin. As Tihelo confronts the haunting scar etched into her skin from that day, she discovers an extraordinary ability to witness events predating her birth. The story unfolds as a rich tapestry, revealing the hidden threads of family secrets, sacrifices, and resilience. In a quest for self-discovery, “Shadows of the Past” becomes a compelling journey, blending love, loss, and the power to transcend one’s history, ultimately painting a portrait of a woman on a profound quest to understand her roots and shape her destiny.

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