Shared by the Sinners (DianaStark)

I’ve always steered clear of the gangs that rule my city. But when a fake seance gone wrong lands me in the clutches of a police inspector, I’m given a choice: prison for fraud or a secret mission on his behalf. With little choice, I take what I hope is the better offer only to discover that I must become a spy in the ranks of the Northside Sinners. The most ruthless gang in Prohibition Atlantic City, ruled by three notorious brothers.

Kieran, the cold-eyed leader and master of schemes.

Declan, the scarred soldier who is a bit too handy with a knife.

Colin, the boyish enforcer with a taste for high life.

What begins as a mission to earn my freedom turns into a torrid affair with men who would kill me if they knew my true intentions. To escape my fate, I must betray the brothers—but what if my heart betrays me first?

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