Shifter (ryan.folmsbee)

Your friend drags you to the hottest party of the year… where something awakens in you. It turns out you’re a shifter - you can transform into an animal. But which animal form will you choose? Will you join the supernatural world fearlessly or will you fight every step of the way? And can you survive the dangers heading your way, or will you lose yourself to your inner beast?

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I was really confused at the beginning when we had to choose how to sneak out if attention and then the file? i still dont know what thats for yet but it almost turned me off the story all together so im glad you came to the party part pretty fast. Decent start. I will continue.

I’m intrigued by the start, thank you.

Great start to the story, my friend!


First chapter was intense in a good way

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Ok, finished with #3. Let’s see after the update

It’s quite good I’d say

who is killing the teenagers?

Really decent

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it is cool

Please continue! :))

Really good story you should continue please

I like the story, so far. The fox option just seemed like the best one for the “starting” transformation option… especially over the Jaguar when trying to get past a school JANITOR.


great story love it

So good when new chapters please