Somebody Murdered Snakey Drake (alexshelby)

You’re the daughter of a beloved animal activist, but when he’s killed in a freak accident it becomes clear that foul play was involved. Can you figure out who murdered you father before they leave the reserve? And can you survive when the killer’s attention shifts to you?

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What, what? There’s a new Alex Shelby out?!?! Yesss! I know what I’m gonna do now…

I absolutely love it! Especially the richness of all the characters. J’adore Daddy Drake especially. <3 Binged it last night till i fell asleep on my phone at 2 am…

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haha vic :smiley:

haha vic :smiley:

I love this story and how interactive it is!

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I’d love another murder mystery like this!!! With that same system of sussing out the suspects. Hopefully, you’ll write a sequel or something similar one day. Soon. Tomorrow?

:heart: I’ll pitch something to Erin and see what she says. :grin:

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Super engaging and entertaining!

I am enjoying this. Reminds me of Jake the snake Roberts

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good story

Fun mystery story!

Great story! The mystery was very engaging and I liked the suspect system. I accused the right person in the end. Case closed!

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I really like this story so far

This was such a fun story. I need more like this.


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I liked it



Everyones susspect!