Something Old (AbigailGrey)

Claire Wallace left town ten years ago. She hasn’t looked back at small town life—or Matt Brannon—until now. When Claire Wallace grew up in West Haven, it was a sleepy town she wanted to escape. A job offer right out of high school was her ticket. Ten years later when she returns for a class reunion, Claire sees that the town she left is not the same place where she grew up.

Even Matt Brannon has changed. Back then he was good old Matty—good for a laugh and good on his word. He’d even been really good that night in the back of his truck. But now? He’s still a good guy, good at his job and doing good deeds all over town—but some things have definitely changed for the better.

Small town romances and high school reunions just aren’t the same after a trip to the Sanctuary. In a truly binding embrace, Claire and Matt may find that their something old may become something more.

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