Sorcery & Spellcraft (theryanlaplante)

College takes a dramatic turn when you’re invited to attend the ultimate magic school. Will you become the world’s next villain or fight to become the hero?

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When does the next chapter come out?

Looking forward to the next chapter too!

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Sp i guess nobody knows when the next chapter is they should at least put a time frame up there


Honestly !

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Maybe this just won’t be continued?

Oops i wish i hadnt wasted keys on this if it’s not going to be updated?

New Chapter woooh


when will new chapter come?

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Great story! Can’t wait to read more!

Looking forward to reading this! Might wait until more chapters have been released.


looking forward the next chapter !

i cant qait for the chapter to release HYPE!!!

I am looking forward to new chapters.

It’s good.

Very interesting

Very enjoyable

Its good