Sorcery & Spellcraft (theryanlaplante)

When you’re invited to attend Cleopatra’s College of Sorcery & Spellcraft, you also find out you’re fated to become a sinister Dark Lord! Will you fight your fate to become a hero or make the prophecy come true and become a necromancer extraordinaire?!

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When does the next chapter come out?

Looking forward to the next chapter too!

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Sp i guess nobody knows when the next chapter is they should at least put a time frame up there


Honestly !

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Maybe this just won’t be continued?

Oops i wish i hadnt wasted keys on this if it’s not going to be updated?

New Chapter woooh


when will new chapter come?

Great story! Can’t wait to read more!

Looking forward to reading this! Might wait until more chapters have been released.


looking forward the next chapter !

i cant qait for the chapter to release HYPE!!!

I am looking forward to new chapters.