soul mate (Mohsine)

Amal is a 21-year-old girl who is witnessed by everyone with her tenderness, striking beauty, good personality and wonderful qualities. Amal did not believe in love and did not believe the love stories she heard from her colleagues and relatives. She thinks of anything other than her little family, except that a strange thing was always happening to her that worried her. Almost every night she saw a dream in which a handsome young man approached her and fell in love with him and asked for her hand in marriage, and the strange thing was the frequent recurrence of this dream and the appearance of The same young man until she memorized his features completely, although she did not know him and had not seen him before in her reality.
One day, the university announced an entertainment trip to a coastal city, so Amal and her friends were happy with this holiday and were very excited to spend a good time before the start of the year-end exams. To come with some necessary requests, Amal went out looking for her friend’s needs, and on her way, fate willed that she stumbled upon a tall young man. She quickly realized the location and gathered her anger, which was hidden by her astonishment and said to him in tension: How do you collide with me like this? You have to be careful, so he said to her in a strict and nervous manner: You were the one who was walking without focus or awareness. His response and his style ignited her anger again, so she screamed at him: You are the one who was wrong in the first place. She quickly pulled her hand back to him and continued on her way.
Amal sent her way while thinking of this young man. She remembers his features well, so how and where did she see him before? How dare he grab her hands to shake her being and make her body shudder from that touch!! She overcame her thinking and wandering when the voice of one of her friends, whom she met by chance on the way, told her that an evening party was scheduled to be held on the beach today, and that everyone was invited to this party. Amal got excited and expressed her intention to be present. There she was surprised by the presence of the young man she had met in the morning. Amal’s feelings at that moment mixed between distress and curiosity to know who this young man was, who had infiltrated her life by fate. Amal kept following him with her gaze until he also noticed her presence. Her reaction, but he dared after discovering that she is a close friend of his neighbor, the young man started his conversation with Amal by apologizing for what happened from him in the morning, and Amal accepted his apology, and they both started talking about some important details and topics, until they forgot everyone around them, they stayed together until the party ended and watched Both of them return to their homes, but the magic of love prevented them from sleeping that night. Amal spent the night happy, and how not when she had found in him the boy of her dreams who used to visit her in her dreams every night. Indeed, he was the one she saw in her dreams.
The next day, Amal woke up early, and she decided within herself to meet him again before returning to the city, as the scheduled time for the trip had ended and she had to prepare to travel again. She searched a lot for him, but she could not find him, so she had to return without seeing him. The young man did not know that this girl had left the beach and the entire area and returned to her city. He kept searching for her after that for several days, but to no avail. He also felt something strange about her. His soul was attracted to that strange girl. Several months passed after this situation and both of them returned. He returned to his normal life without showing much interest in what happened, but in reality neither of them was able to forget the other or erase that strange memory from their memory.
One day, Amal received an invitation to attend the wedding of one of her friends, so she went out to buy a new dress from one of the malls, and again the same time happened to her, as she bumped into a young man while she was walking, she turned to him, and there he was the same people. What is happening, the young man took advantage of the opportunity and offered her to sit in a cafe to talk a little, Amal agreed without thinking, and there he confessed to her his love and admiration for her and his desire to propose to her, and that he had searched for her for a long time, joy flooded her heart and she returned to her family telling them what happened with her, and it was agreed upon The marriage took place a year and a half later. Now they are married and have three children. Amal still dreams of her husband every night, and writes her memoirs titled The Knight of My Dreams. I do not know him, but I madly fell in love with him.