Sounds not working properly

Hey, I’m new here!

I’m trying to make a game with music and sound effects, I’ve been reading the tutorials as well. There’s two occurrences that are happening that confuse me:

  • The first one is that I put an ambience sound at the beginning of the story with the “-on” function and it just doesn’t seem to be playing at all. I don’t understand why?

  • Second of all, I have a song/ambience playing during the intro and after the intro I told it to stop gradually with the “-fin” option. The song/ambience keeps playing no matter what.

Please let me know what I’m doing wrong and what information I can give more to help me out. Cheers in advance!

Hello and welcome!

For the sounds, the staff knows about some of them not playing and are working on a way to fix it. The ones we know to avoid at the moment are any that have sfx_theme_(numbers) and sfx_ambience_(numbers).

As for the -fin, that code is so the theme/ambience naturally fades out, but it still plays it until the entire sound is played. The only way to completely stop a sound is to use -off.

We did request a code to be added so the longer sounds can naturally fade out within 3 secs, even if a theme has only played halfway.

Hope this helps!

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Forgot one last thing! It’s actually quicker to get questions answered in the discord community too!

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Ah okay, I understand now. Thank you for explaining, I hope that code gets added eventually, it would be really useful.

Maybe I’ll join as well when I have more time. Seems like a good idea! Thank you again for responding!

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Of course!

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I figured out that adding -on to the end of the line of code to play it, then added a second code for the same sound with -off at the end, it stopped it from playing the whe time.