Spies R Us (AmberMalloy)

Vann is a single dad, but his routine is blown apart when his long-lost wife comes back with one hell of a secret… The top African American spy, Eden Morgan, is living the good life… Days away from permanently leaving the spy game, Eden’s plan of being a stay-at-home mom goes up in smoke. Number one on the Russian hit list, Eden must leave her beautiful family and figure out who’s trying to kill her. Unfortunately, her agency burns her status, so what should have been only weeks on the run turns into years.

Instead of accepting her fate, Eden claws her way back from the dead to save the next people on the Russian’s hit list—thanks to her husband’s greedy family—her kids. However, after three years missing, her homecoming isn’t well received. She finds that her awesome husband has moved on with a perky schoolteacher, not to mention her twins barely remember her. With a good idea who’s behind the plot to kill them, Eden must navigate carpool lanes, bitchy moms and one angry, sexy husband.

Vann Morgan is charmed. One gorgeous wife and twins, and the most difficult thing in his life was reconstruction of his Chicago brownstone. Unfortunately everything changes when his lovely wife disappears but he’s the only one who seems to care. After some years, Vann makes a new normal as a single dad, but his routine is blown apart when his long-lost wife comes back. Unable to trust Eden with his heart, he soon uncovers that everything surrounding her disappearance is his fault.

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