Stonewalk College (SRicketson)

Stonewalk College is inhabited by all manner of supernatural creatures, but Amanda Roumagere has no idea that they are real. She is Veiled, unable to see what is right in front of her, and completely unaware she is a Descendant of one of the original Witches that founded the school. Will she believe her eyes and learn the truth, or remain Veiled?

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I really like this one. Hope it updates with more chapters soon! Im surprised there arent more comments. Perhaps the cover image doesnt quite represent the story as it should? I had some difficulty trying to find it again and passed over it a few times before I thought to click on it and check. Its quite a vibrant story with colorful and interesting characters and landscape. Ill bet if the cover reflected that a bit more it would cause an uptick in views. Just a thought. Great job!

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Thank you so very much! You have renewed my confidence in writing, and inspired me to continue. I also appreciate the comment on the cover - I have to say it was originally designed by the amazing creators at Tales as custom artwork, and it is honestly what I originally envisioned for this as a printed book. The deeper into the story you go, the more the cover will make sense. Thank you for giving me a swift kick in my donkey to get to work again!