Story Research Thread

Need help researching details or facts for a story? Post here with what you’re writing and what you’re looking for to get help! Feel free to ask questions that you’re struggling to answer with Google too, or just post good resources for commonly researched genres. I’ll add any great resources to this post as a directory as they are posted!

Hmm, I like sci-fi and in general, anything to do with science.

Well, since not everyone wants to study a science field, as I did lol, I generally like this science webpage.

They have lots of great articles, and I feel they’re not too hard to understand :slight_smile: Also, lots of theoretical content which maybe helps to accurately go on about the science within your sci-fi story :slight_smile:

Otherwise, TedEd and general Ted also have great talks from scientists about recent research :slight_smile: great source to look something up too.

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