Submitting To The Alpha (emiliarosewriting)

I just started reading this … I must say that I will continue reading it.

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First chapter so far, need keys

Finished reading this one… I was very surprised that Roman was able to wait 4 years on Isabella to find out they were mates! Most werewolf book the Alpha takes his Luna immediately. Even more surprised he let her leave for the Lycans unmated for a year!!!

its a great story so far

I have read this book before but I cant wait to read this version of the book

Im loving this book

ive enjoyed this book so far

Love it

Waka Waka

WOW hoy damn

Not bad

good one

Love this book

Love it!

Omg! That was soooo much spicer than I imagined

talk about a short chapter…

really enjoy the story thus far!