Summer Hideaway (MandieMills)

When three best friends find love, they escape the real world for a summer filled with exploration and passion.

Ava, Chris and Javier have been best friends since middle school, but eight years later they can no longer deny the chemistry and attraction between them. They are open-minded and sexually adventurous. Ava loves both men and she knows they love her.

She wants a three-way relationship. They escape to Ava’s family lake house to explore their new, forbidden passion and indulge every fantasy and desire in every combination.

Javi is focused and skilled and Ava discovers just how kinky Chris can be.

Sometimes it’s just two of them making love, sometimes all three. As they explore their unconventional relationship, they face feelings of rejection and resentment, but their hearts beat as one.

It’s the three of them against the world and they must find a way to make their relationship work both in the bedroom and out.

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