Sura's life

was a lovely day, the children were playing in the garden in the afternoon. It was a huge garden where the flowers grew in the grass, and the garden was filled with fruitful trees. The birds chirped sweetly in the garden and sometimes the children paused and gave the birds all their attention, enjoying the sweetness of the sounds of birds.
Then, one day, the owner of the garden, who had traveled abroad and now he’s back, saw the children playing in the garden and got irritated. “What are you doing in my land?” he shouted loudly. And as the children heard him screaming they immediately ran away.
Then the owner continued: “This is my land no one is allowed to play here. I own this place.”
The children became so sad and had no place to play, even in the street, they couldn’t play, because it was dirty and full of big rocks. :slightly_smiling_face: