Sweet Days and Roses (RebeccaFairfax)

Spring, when a young man’s fancy turns to love…even with his wife? Luc Ford, a highly focussed, dedicated barrister, is on track to become one of the circuit’s youngest QCs. He’s always been an ‘all work and no play’ type, right from his schooldays, and that’s the way he likes it, ever since his one wild weekend resulted in him marrying in haste…and repenting at great leisure.

Helping his friend Xander by filling in as a hired escort at a charity evening, Luc is stunned to find that the woman who hired him is his wife, Catarina. Wild Cat, that spoilt little rich girl, that green-eyed, raven-haired wild child he met, bedded and wedded all in one weekend…only for her to leave him days later. Cat has grown into an even more beautiful woman, making it harder for Luc to resist her…the woman he’s never stopped loving.

Hope springs eternal, but even a second time around?

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