Sword of Souls (LadyT1)

Lucy Lee is not your average Korean high school student. Lucy is half human and half god. On Lucy’s sixteenth birthday a fortune teller tells Lucy that it is her destiny to save the world from being corrupted by the darkest, most powerful evil imaginable.
When the next moon rises, the fortune teller explains to her, she will be able to use her gifts, “You need the sword of souls to save us all,” the fortune teller’s dark eyes flashed in the candlelight, “Lucy Lee, you will have to fight the Black Tiger, or we are doomed.”

Lucy laughs off the prediction until the night of the full moon. She starts to see ghosts, and encounters spirits in human form. Her universe is turned upside down overnight.

From the dawn of time, and beyond the earthly realm, lie two kingdoms that are at war. The battle between good and evil, between the Heavenly One and Devil King, has raged for all time. Will Lucy Lee fulfil her destiny?

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