Tales App Release Notes

2022-08-30 - v3.03.02

  • Bug Fix: Patch released to fix issue with certain games getting stuck after specific choices selected in game

2022-09-05 - v3.04.0

  • Minor improvements and bug fixes!
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2022-09-21 - v3.05.0

  • Improved story start time: New stories will load 80% faster !
  • Bug fix! Certain stories’ choices were still locking after a player made a selection. This has been resolved!
  • Additional minor fixes to improve experience.

2022-10-11 - v3.06.0

  • Daily quests are here! Reading stories will allow you to earn additional keys and gems each month.
  • Story browsing enhancements; swipe stories away so you can read more story covers before deciding which ones to dive into.
  • Buying the entire series now unlocks all visuals.
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2022-10-26 - v3.07.2

  • Browse every screen in the app by using a gesture!
  • Critical performance and stability improvements to enhance user experience.
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2022-11-04 - v3.08

  • You can now bookmark stories for later.
  • Currently Reading moved to Bookshelf.
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