Tales App Release Notes

Check out all the newest features & fixes in the latest app updates.



  • Links to Privacy Policy & Terms of Service added to Subscription store
  • Restore Purchases option added to Subscription store
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  • Compressed Story Model Support
  • 5Gem Price Fix
  • Core App Navigation Improvements
  • Improved Tracking of Story Analytics
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  • Reading V2 for linear prose stories
  • GridView “filters”
  • Navigation & UI improvements
  • Misc. bug fixes
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  • Fixes a bug that would, in some cases, prevent users from playing a story twice in the same session.
  • Embeds emoji support
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  • New Subscription Model w/ Recurring Keys
  • Loading Spinners when awaiting specific server responses
  • EndPage Improvements
  • Creator Tipping
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  • Love an episode? Buy the whole series for a discount!
  • Improved First Time User Experience
  • Improved Recommendations
  • Improved Sharing
  • Improved Customer Support Tools
  • Improved Browsing Experience
  • Major Analytics Fixes
  • Major Performance Tracking Fixes
  • Keys now regen at the rate of 1 every 24 hours at midnight PST
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  • Visual improvements to the browsing experience
  • DeepLink & Onboarding flow improvements
  • Fewer popups when trying to enter a story from deeplinks
  • Analytics working again (and improved!)