Tales App Release Notes

Check out all the newest features & fixes in the latest app updates.



  • Links to Privacy Policy & Terms of Service added to Subscription store
  • Restore Purchases option added to Subscription store
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  • Compressed Story Model Support
  • 5Gem Price Fix
  • Core App Navigation Improvements
  • Improved Tracking of Story Analytics


  • Reading V2 for linear prose stories
  • GridView “filters”
  • Navigation & UI improvements
  • Misc. bug fixes
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  • Fixes a bug that would, in some cases, prevent users from playing a story twice in the same session.
  • Embeds emoji support
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  • New Subscription Model w/ Recurring Keys
  • Loading Spinners when awaiting specific server responses
  • EndPage Improvements
  • Creator Tipping
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  • Love an episode? Buy the whole series for a discount!
  • Improved First Time User Experience
  • Improved Recommendations
  • Improved Sharing
  • Improved Customer Support Tools
  • Improved Browsing Experience
  • Major Analytics Fixes
  • Major Performance Tracking Fixes
  • Keys now regen at the rate of 1 every 24 hours at midnight PST
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  • Visual improvements to the browsing experience
  • DeepLink & Onboarding flow improvements
  • Fewer popups when trying to enter a story from deeplinks
  • Analytics working again (and improved!)


  • We completely revamped the reading flow for prose stories! Now more text can be seen on screen at once with less tapping, an easier to read font, and much smoother experience scrolling and navigating inside a story in general.
  • You can now toggle show search results between a grid or a list view.
  • There are now new ways of displaying stories in your home view to highlight different series.
  • Color improvements to all the interfaces for clarify and readability.
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  • We made the process of viewing and leaving comments much more seamless.
  • The subscription store has now been combined with the key store to simplify your choices.
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2022-06-29 - v2.97

  • Faster app loading by 30%.
  • Improvements in UI focused on replaying chapters, tipping, and key decisions.
  • Buy upfront deals now include discount for having a subscription!
  • New profile page where you can find stories you’ve liked or if you absolutely hate us, you can even delete your account :grimacing:

2022-07-04 - v2.98

Small improvement to simplify navigation to help you find the right stories faster.

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2022-07-14 - v2.99.6

A basket of small improvements in various area: story display enhancements, asset loading screen, story search, and a player feedback form to let you tell us what you like/didn’t like about the app.

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2022-07-27 Server Patch

No new app version, but a server update was done for these two changes:

  • Key recharge now happens 24 hrs after the last recharge instead of at midnight PST. Well, technically it’s 23 hours and 45 minutes, so if you log back into the game at a slightly earlier time than yesterday, you would still get your key!
  • Searching story will now check for words in the description field as well, improving search accuracy
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2022-07-28 - v3.00.1

We’ve completely overhauled our character portraits; you’ll find new animations, smooth transitions, bright new colors, and emotion blending. The story flow has been improved to get you to the next chapter faster and recommend similar stories you might like.

… oh, and Android version :robot: is officially live on Google Store! Finally! Go tell your friends! :smiley:

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2022-07-31 Server Patch

  • Fixed issue where unpublished series in leaderboard causes leaderboard to not load
  • Player will now be getting push notification to claim daily keys - don’t forget to claim the free keys!
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2022-08-04 - v3.01.0

  • Fixed various issues reading the brand new reading based on the feedback from the community.
  • Share links that should take reader directly to a story will now correctly take you to that story, for both Android and iOS!
  • We made quite a bit of UI small tweaks to improve the experience while browsing for stories.
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2022-08-10 - v3.02.0

  • Numerous UI improvements for browsing stories!
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2022-08-25 - v3.03.0

  • Styled text lines for portrait stories are now LIVE!
  • We’ve introduced new push notifications so you can receive alerts on the newest story releases (yay for staying in the know !)
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