The Billionaire's Best Friend (ekpeters)

With feelings comes risk. Am I ready to risk it all for him? Would he do the same for me? Eight years ago, my best friend, Josh, had left me, transferred out of school without a word, and never heard from again. Until one fateful day, I received a mysterious text that would change my life drastically. Suddenly, I had a choice. Do I take the agreement that ensures my student loans are paid off, guarantees my dream job but will also betray the one I love? Or do I protect him by pretending to agree? An act for his father, who already disapproves of me? Or am I going to end up digging myself into a deeper hole?

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So… who was like me and first signed the contract and then regretted it and hit replay??? :rofl: :sweat_smile:

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Contract route is great also, if anyone is wondering!