The Courage to Love (BilliJean)

Nicole Masterson will do anything for her husband—anything but stay living without him. Can two people find love through lies and secrets? Nicole Masterson discovers that true love doesn’t happen to the faint of heart. Instead, she finds that to hold her husband, she’ll have to expose not only who she really is but also what she really wants—and needs.

Ian Hutchinson had loved his wife long before he was assigned to protect her. His marriage was a cover, a means to keep her safe from the insane gangster Devon Blackmore. But, for Ian, it was always much more.

When Nicole dies in a plane crash, Ian’s world falls apart—until he hears a rumor that Nicole is alive. He grabs it—and her—with both hands and offers her not only his heart but also the truth.

Can Ian and Nicole keep this fragile love alive with Devon Blackmore also aware that she lives?

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