The Dark Night of The Soul (matthewangelo)

Despite his Elven blood and the prejudices of the Knighthood because of it, Tristan became a knight of Tallania as his father wished and fulfilled his obligation to fight in the Great Dragon Wars. Though the wars are over, Tristan can’t escape their memory. Headaches and flashbacks plague him. The only relief he has available is from a tea provided by the village priest. But Tristan is forced to pursue other means of battling his inner demons when an upcoming celebration disrupts the supply chains. With the help of Saber, his sidekick and emotional support dragon, Tristan does his best to face his problems head-on. When knights arrive in the village, their taunting pushes Tristan to the edge. The Great Conjunction is upon them, and no one expects the attack that strikes in the dark.
With another battle looming, Tristan must choose to fight for his companions and himself. Survival won’t mark the end of the fight, but perhaps it will bring a new beginning…

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