The Devil You Know (FrancesMaples)

You’re being hunted for a lifetime of magical misbehaviour but you’ve found a way out - you simply have to bind your soul to a demon. But which of four delicious tempters will you choose? And will you end up falling in love with them, or will you become a pawn in their hellish games?

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I LOVED the pilot episode of this story! So exciting, the occult is treated in an engrossing and engaging way, and the writing quality is fantastic! I’m looking forward to diving deeper and hoping the writer will make more episodes soon. The only thing I might suggest would be to add a (wipe) just before the scene changes so the transitions will be more visual on my phone. Otherwise IT’S PERFECT!


I hope I can Choose to be Lesbian Only a Vargine not sleep with any boy?

Can I ask you a question?
Is this Really a Lesbian Story??
Even when I am not interested in the boy you are forcing me to flirty with him its make me angry because I just want to be Lesbian not straight or bi okey?? You force her to like the boy and to flirt with that idiot that have rapt the mc even when she is more interested in girls and is Lesbian???
Everyone that Writers seems to be Anti Lesbian becouse they always force the mc to be rapet by many stupid boys why? Why Can she not be Lesbian from the beginning why???