The Eternal Crown: Dawning of the Red Sun (Watcher_008)

The faithful nation of Ezra awaits the ascension of their new Cleric. A Holy and powerful champion chosen and blessed by the Goddess of Light, Elora. With a new Emperor to appease and rising tensions with ancient enemies, the young successor, Myra Sol, must quickly find her voice and lead her people away from a war they can’t afford.

But there is a greater evil at work…

As a forgotten prophecy slowly unfolds, Myra and her new companions, Koro and Kira, are tested like never before. How will they fare against destiny and its agents? What manner of trials must they face and overcome? What is The Eternal Crown?

{Note: This book is already published and has alternate versions (e-book and Physical) available via and the Barnes and Noble sites. Please support and excuse any inconsistencies that may have occurred during the conversion.}

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