The Exorcism of Jolly Jane (alexshelby)

Great story!

You’re very talented. i love the story

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Great job




this author is amazing :clap:

Thank you :heart:

How do I get the sin of Lust!

I get Lucifer

Here’s how you get “Lust” (i.e. Asmodeus): (1) For the nude painting offer, you answer “accept his offer”; (2) for the “which option is most appealing” question, you answer “a night of heated passion.” That should do the trick.

Yes, I got Asmodeous!

Get your lust-on! :kiss:

Im only on chapter 3 so far, but this is so good!

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this is so good! currently binging it

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This is so good. Going through all your works atm

I love it! I hope my others can live up to the “Saving” series.

all your stories are so good