The Exorcism of Jolly Jane (alexshelby)

Take a trip to 1889 as a Medium who specializes in hauntings, only this time you’re dealing with real-life serial killer Jane Toppan, who’s demon-possessed soul is wreaking havoc on a Massachusetts hospital.

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Great book, enjoyed reading it! Loved the twist and turns!

Shelby, i have some demons need exorcised as well….please help.

I know Quinn personally. She’s 165 years-old now, but still decent at exorcisms. I’ll give her a call.

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good story


Another Alex Shelby story I can’t put down. Onto chapter six!

Sorry to double-comment, but I stayed up late and finished this! Love it! Also, when Jane Toppan first showed up, the side of me that’s fascinated with true crime screamed. I loved this story so much and I’m still mourning a certain something that happened near the end. (I started this by apologizing for the second comment, but I’m going to end this by apologizing for this wall of text.) Thank you for your wonderful, gripping stories. I just gobble them up!

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Love this story!


Your stories are amazing

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Thank you! I’ll try to keep them coming :wink:

wonderful story

just great… wish there was a walkthrough for this

are there so less people in this app reading these amazing stories? sigh

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One can only hope those numbers will grow :pray:

yes alex let’s hope so

Finished it finally… Great ending

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@selle85 Not directly. But there is a hetero romantic sub-plot that you can choose to keep platonic.

i like it