The Forsaken (Ahendricks22)

Asura is just your average girl who moved to the gloomy city of Seattle to finish her last semester in college. She was ready for a change- to figure out what her purpose was away from a life in which she didn’t want and trying to avoid boys at all costs, that is until she meets her neighbor next door and a guy in class who swear she looks like someone they used to know. This book takes you on a journey between self-discovery, the possibilities of the supernatural, and a love triangle that’s been popularized for centuries. Is Asura really just your average girl?

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the love triangle ended as soon as i met the dark-haired love interest…

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Honestly, same. :tired_face:

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I love this story!

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I’m so glad you do!! It means a lot!

I initially wasn’t going to update, but I’ll see what I can do this week in getting another episode published. Thanks for commenting! :sob:

Please tell me new chapters are coming asap sooo good