The Fox's Wedding (ekwhite)

You’re a detective, looking for eight people who’ve been abducted. When YOU are kidnapped, however, you and your partner wake up in a village alongside the victims you’ve been searching for. It turns out you’re all being forced to take part in a deadly game… and there can be only one survivor. Will you find a way to survive? Will you be able to save the abductees? And can you figure out why this is happening… or will you fall prey to the game first?

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Is this story going to be completed?

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So far a pretty interesting story!

When will the next episodes be coming out?

Glad you’re enjoying it! The plan is for one episode roughly every three weeks 'til it’s done.

This is one of my favorite stories! I was so excited to see new episodes. Last time I played, there were 6 out. I’m replaying from the beginning now, my 6 episode progress was lost, and now, after binging them, I encountered a problem in episode 6 that I didn’t have before. I think I chose the same before, talking to Claudia and Jenny, but this time I’m stuck in the conversation and it just won’t continue. The story just won’t go on after this choice:

And I’m stuck on this screen:

I went out of the story and back in, it always resumes at that choice, but no matter what I choose, that’s how far I get. I even closed the app and tried again. The only thing I can think of is something happened to the code, but it’s weird because I’m quite sure I played that branch before and it worked. HEEEEEELLLLLP - I’m desperate to continue this fantastic mystery. :weary: :pleading_face: :pray:t3:

I still can’t read ep 11 :frowning:

(pokes head out from under a pile of variables and deadlines) it’s a work in progress!

:sweat_smile: Salem just doesn’t agree with being dead to me since ep 2 :rofl:

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It’s a very Salem move to refuse to die and also mess up all my variables :sweat_smile:

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i am so glad Salem died too LoL! He’s such an ass.

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Love it

In ep 5, when I ran out of time, Yumi came to save us, but she wasn’t in the scene. She’s still talking, but no avatar.

very good story


very good

I wouldn’t trust any of the participants!

very good so far