The Ghosts of Stars: Falling for the Alien (AmaryllisLanza)

“All you see in the night sky is merely the ghosts of stars. We have long died off, but through this network of worlds, we live again.”

Laura Flannigan did not expect to die for love. She’s too busy trying to save the Sun Kissed beach motel. When an alien crossing over to our planet through the portal in the Bermuda Triangle accidentally kills her, he brings her back to life and endows her with unique powers. This act of love puts them both in danger.

The star man Laura calls Sam is embroiled in the cross-galactic war which drives aliens to Earth through the portal of Atlantis. He doesn’t have time to care for a mate, but after he shares his life energy with Laura, they are soul bound. By the laws of his world, she is his. Laura takes some convincing. Her sad little motel in Cocoa Beach soon proves useful to the Ghosts of Stars.

Now that Laura is more than human, she is determined to live up to her full potential, saving the Sun Kissed and the aliens who find shelter there.

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