The Great Batsby (RoAnnaSylver)

Enter a world of the rich, the powerful, the glamorous – and the undead. It’s going to be a hell of a party.

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- Chapter 1: Chapter One
- Chapter 2: Chapter Two
- Chapter 3: Chapter Three
- Chapter 4: Chapter Four
- Chapter 5: Chapter Five
- Chapter 6: Chapter Six
- Chapter 7: Chapter Seven

Waiting for the rest of the chapters!

Thank you so much! Makes me want to write more for sure. :smiley:

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please update!! i love this story!!!


Cant wait to start the next chapter !

Please write more!

Oh wow y’all - THANK YOU so much! ;A; I appreciate your kind words more than I can say. It’s been a rough year for me health-wise, but I promise I have not forgotten this series, and I’m working on Chapter 8 a little every day. <3 THANK YOU AGAIN, so much!

Very happy with the storyline and progression

I love how the author intertwines the paranormal with Fitzgerald’s work. It’s extremely engaging and very entertaining! Can’t wait to read more!