The Great End of the World Party Prank (mazahreh)

Once upon a time, there was a little boy named Billy. Billy loved to play pranks on his friends and family. One day, he came up with a brilliant idea for his next prank.

He decided to convince his younger sister, Sally, that the world was going to end the next day. Sally, being very gullible, believed him and ran to their parents, screaming and crying that the world was going to end.

Their parents were not impressed with Billy’s joke and scolded him for making his sister so upset. To make up for it, Billy came up with a plan to throw a fake “end of the world” party.

He invited all of his friends over and decorated the house with streamers and balloons. He even made a fake “countdown to the end of the world” display. When the clock hit zero, Billy yelled, “Surprise! The world didn’t end after all!” and everyone laughed.

Sally was so happy that she forgot all about her fears and joined in the fun. Billy learned that it’s always better to make others happy instead of trying to play a joke at their expense.

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