The Last Covenant (victoriamasina)

love it

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Some of the choices in this story are hilarious lol

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Oh, really? Which ones? I don’t remember :laughing: :smirk: :thinking:

This is coitus interruptus sir! was among my favourites :laughing:

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Oh, right :joy: ha, it’s been a while… I totally forgot about that.

I started reading to hold me over until the next chapter of eclipsis. Loving it already but I feel like I’m betraying hank with kris :joy:. Help I’m stuck between two hot fictional men lol

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Hahahah … well, this one is finished and has only 5 episodes. You’ll forget Kris soon enough :laughing: Unless you replay to do other branches. Then you’ll might get too used to him hehe


So good

nice to have a shorter story so I dont need as many keys

You write good :slight_smile:

good ending


so far so good (n_n) :slight_smile:


love this book

Not bad.