The Last Covenant (victoriamasina)

You’ve always wondered why your family moved away from the city when you turned 15. In the years since, you’ve jumped from smalltown to smalltown, never staying in one place long. It almost felt like you were running from something, scared to put down roots. Finally, your father lets you in on the long-guarded family secret: One hundred years ago, your great-grandmother signed a covenant that bonded you to a vampire who would claim you before your 26th birthday. Confident enough to venture out on your own at 25, you snag a bus ticket to the city and don’t look back until you realize that a “hell no” isn’t exactly in the cards for you.

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Am hooked on this story from my favourite author in Tales!

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:heart_eyes: Thank you so much! You are the sweetest. :smiling_face_with_tear:

Episode 2 is out now!

Episode 3 is publisjed!