The Little Lantern of Happiness (MenelaosGkikas)

Little Albert moves with his family to a poor neighborhood due to his family’s financial hardship. Being the best student, family warmth, tenderness as well as his school grades make it hard for him to realize the competition and provocations he receives by his classmates. A fairytale fairy approaches the little child and starts playing the Magic Flute for him.
The music coming out of the Magic Flute makes little Albert start seeing visions. Is acquiring self-awareness enough to show him a path he will excel at and find happiness in spite of adversities? Little Albert together with Flowery will travel magically and learn that being a child at heart precedes being great…
Delighted by visions related to self-confidence, abnegation, forgiveness and patience, they will try to overturn the ironic twists that prevented them from reaching their goal.
For all ages above 11 years old.