The man with a humpback (arcan23233)

Write shortIt was rumored that there was a man who went to shower in the bathroom at night, and when he was inside the bathroom alone, the bathroom guard did not see him, so the door was closed to him and left
When the man wanted to go out, he could not open the door, so he returned inside, and he started drumming by hand and length, and he went out to him, and he said to him: If I asked me and liked that, I will do everything you want, the man started drumming and the genie dances,
The man finished the drumming, and the genie said to him: Ask what you want?
He said to him, I want to remove this hump that is above my back, and he removed it from it, and Farhan came out. And he met his friend, in the same old condition, so he asked him where is the horse?
He told him everything, so he wanted to do the same and went in the early morning to the bathroom and started drumming, so the genie went out to him and said to him: What is this playfulness, and he started hitting him and put a sec

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