The Market of Miracles (Bricabrac)

You’ve been trapped in a convent after a scandalous liaison but soon discover an underground group of nuns selling miraculous relics for cash. Can you join them and sell enough of your own to escape? Will you romance a sister, or continue your illicit affair with your partner from the outside world? Or will everything go wrong, leaving you trapped in this convent forever?

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This is funny and entertaining as hell, and I can’t wait to read more of it!

I am enjoying the miracle hand that looks down on us from the rafters. Ceiling hand is watching me.

Don’t believe just watch

has any of the partially complete selections book, game, WHATEVER, been UPDATED?! Great work takes some time, I’m not asking for a PROJECT to be completed. Maybe add a goddamn chapter once in a while! excuse my language-idk if this is the correct place to voice my frustration, I simply seen the ‘comment’ button.

Any more chapters coming?

Please update asap

loving the story so far hope there be more nun stories

holy one