The Minutiae of Madness (daniel123242)

Harvard-educated detective, Mark Wilson, has a knack for solving difficult cases. He always seems to be one step ahead of the game, determined to find the truth no matter what the cost.

Mark has seen it all - the drug gangs and the crime bosses, the lowlifes and the high rollers. Each case takes him on a journey into the depths of the criminal underworld, where he must navigate the darkness and uncover the truth.

Mark’s investigations lead him from the mean streets of the inner city to the lavish mansions of the wealthy elite, and everywhere in between. He discovers corruption and greed, secrets and lies, and finds himself in increasingly dangerous situations.

The gripping series of books follows Mark’s adventures as he dives deeper and deeper into the criminal underworld, struggling to stay one step ahead of the criminals and uncover the truth.

On each case, Mark finds himself pushed to the brink of his own abilities. As his investigations take him to darker and more dangerous places, Mark has to rely on his wits and his Harvard education to stay alive and uncover the truth.

Will Mark be able to stay ahead of the criminals and solve the cases? Will he find the answers he is looking for and bring justice to all? Read the series of books to find out.

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