The Mystical Dreamcatcher (Book 1 of The Eternal Diamondz Series) (Phoenix181194)

This story talks about a girl receiving a mysterious dreamcatcher, which has a shape of a crescent moon with white silver feathers and moonstone crystal dangling beneath, believing to have magic powers of making dreams come true and granting wishes. Wishes that includes one of the most craziest things that never happened in this reality nor in anyone’s life before: a Canadian Vampire KPOP Idol from an alternate universe, and the romance that almost seems (im)possible

Note/Preface: This story male lead is dedicated to the one and only beloved KPOP singer and member SHINee’s Jonghyun. As a Shawol I not only miss him everyday but I keep on thinking of him and how his legacy lives on forever within our memories, body, mind, heart and soul. And as a writer and author of this story, I promise to keep him forever alive in whatever stories/poems and various tales of fiction I write.

Love you and miss you forever Jong

Also: this story is not really a fanfic, but it’s like my own original story. This book is the first in the series known as “The Eternal Diamondz”