The Mythic Naga Volume #1 (LBReel)

Natalie used to be a normal, high school girl. She got decent grades, was on the cheerleading squad, and had a crush on the lead quarterback. Then the explosion happened. Caught in the blast of a strange device, her body was transformed. Not into a buff, beautiful superheroine, but instead into a horrifying half-human, half-snake monster. She wasn’t the only one though. Others had their DNA fused with animals as well, and some are more than happy to use that to their advantage. With the help of Daniel, the boy who found her after the blast, and their history teacher, Mr. Ross, Natalie will have to round up the rampaging hybrids before the public can learn of their existence while also searching for answers about the strange device that caused all of this. What she discovers could shake our world to its core.

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