The old man in the village (echchakiri)

It is said that an old man lived in a distant village, and he was the saddest person on the face of the earth, to the point that all the villagers were tired of him, because he was always frustrated, and would not stop complaining and grumbling, and not a day went by without seeing him in a bad mood.

As he grew older, his speech became worse and more negative… The villagers avoided him as much as possible, as his bad luck became contagious. It was impossible for anyone to keep his happiness near him, as he was spreading feelings of sadness and unhappiness to everyone around him.

However, one day, when the old man turned eighty years old, a strange thing happened, and a strange rumor began to spread:

“The old man is happy today. He does not complain about anything, and a smile appears on his face. Indeed, his facial features have brightened and changed!”

The villagers gathered at the old man’s house, and one of them asked him:

  • “what happened to you?”

Here the old man replied:

  • “Nothing matters! … I spent 80 years of my life chasing happiness in vain. Then I decided to live without it, and just enjoy my life. That’s why I’m happy now!”

The lesson learned from this short story:

Don’t chase happiness…instead, enjoy your life!