The punishment of the snitch

It has been mentioned in their proverbs that a fox and a wolf each gained a status over the lion in advance, which was damaged by severe hunger, so he healed him and left him with a thin and greater skin, so one day the wolf went to the lion without the fox, saying to the lion, “Stop eating the snakes today, eat it, and make us eat with you from it, because it is not of our shape, and I do not see in it He ate it for you as a sin, so when the fox sensed his plot, he made himself a doctor and went to the lion and said, “I see in you a disease whose recovery is delayed, which makes your body break down and shatter, and in the liver of the wolf is the cure for your illness. With his blood, when the fox saw him, he smiled and said to him, O very red, how do you tell me that I am the fox, so he was silent to greet me.