The Radical Days of Mary Shelley and Isabella Booth (MarilynReid)

If Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin Shelley had never lived with the Scottish family of William T. Baxter in Dundee Scotland, the world might never have enjoyed the wonderful Percy Shelley’s poetry, nor indeed, the Gothic horror of Frankenstein. Mary’s father William Godwin, was the father of radicalism and Baxter and his son-in-law David Booth helped him by raising money for radical prisoners’ families. They kept their friendships secrets, but they were close. So close, in fact, that when Mary was just 14, Godwin sent her to live in Dundee Scotland with the Baxter family, for her health, as she was suffering with an arm that would not heal. David Booth knew just the right man to heal her, the genius Scottish Botanist and Herbalist, George Don, also chairman of the Dundee Radical Society. This story shows the love, intrigue, romance, and tragic events, of their lives as well as the story of the life long friendship that formed the radical days of Mary Shelley and Isabella Baxter Booth.

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Great story but it froze for some reason on chapter 4