The Scorpion's Heart (DionieMcNair)

The dangerous quest to find her father and fix her shattered world brings Brianna more than she ever expected.

Brianna is determined to elicit help from her elusive Abrasaxon father, Hakon, to conquer the evil Tyban, Zelig, who has invaded her world. But her journey to the Crystal Castle is full of perils that she and her newfound companions are ill equipped to overcome. Danger comes in many forms—tiny vengeful Nixets, a resurrected Yabix and ruthless Tyban who have crossed into the mortal world.

As they surmount each challenge, Brianna wonders if she will ever get control of her newly blossoming—and daunting—magical abilities, and how to handle her growing attraction to her new companion, Amon. Her resentment toward her father for failing to prepare her for the inheritance of her ‘gift’ flares again when a young woman they save from death, Issah, claims to be her sister. But there is no time for ill feeling with the heart of the Abrasaxon existence, the Crystal Castle, dying, and Hakon and his fellow Direktorate members missing.

The two girls combine their untested magical abilities to rescue their father and save the twin lands of Okana and Okiyarra from destruction.

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