The Sleeper Agent (Alexandra)

The CIA has been tasked to remove a threat to world wide security, in the wildly unknown, and tiny country, of Bootlegislov. Bordered by multiple European countries, whose security has been heightened, making it nearly impossible for agents to enter, the CIA must turn to its’ undercover, sleeper agents, placed around the world, over the decades since World War II. The target, President Ryce E. Rony, and his crack security team, have unveiled, and eliminated every sleep agent the CIA has: Except One.

In 1944, Herman Feigel, the then, eighteen year old, private, in the United States Army, was sent to Bootlegislov as a sleeper agent. He has waited for his call to duty, and is overjoyed with the chance to serve his country. The problem is, he’s now ninety-six years old, with bad hearing and sight, and has to use a walker. The good news is, no one would ever suspect him!

A factually irrelevant piece of fiction

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Intriguing premise! Looking forward to the rest

Are there going to be new chapters

Thank you! Apologies on the very late reply- I have no excuse. Unfortunately, I can’t say when I’ll be working on this story again…

Unfortunately, I can’t say when I’ll be working on this story again, but I’m glad you enjoyed the first chapter.

Please finish do good :blush: