"The story of Layla at the airport" (selenaWi2ginigs)

Once upon a time in the year 2015 AD, there lived a young man named Ahmed in Egypt. Like many young individuals, Ahmed faced the challenge of finding employment in his home country. Unfortunately, he fell in with a group of friends known as the “bad buddies,” who were involved in illicit activities such as drug and contraband use.

As time went on, Ahmed began to indulge in illegal substances with his newfound companions on a daily basis. However, fate had something unexpected in store for him. One day, he received an opportunity to work in the United Arab Emirates at a prominent fast-food restaurant located on the renowned road between Dubai and Sharjah. Ahmed eagerly accepted the job, enticed by the attractive salary and favorable working hours.

For eight months, Ahmed immersed himself in his work, gradually distancing himself from the allure of alcohol and the forbidden atmosphere he had once craved. But as time passed, he found himself longing for the past, reminiscing about the days he spent in the company of his friends. It was during this period that he reached out to one of his old acquaintances, a person with whom he had previously indulged in drugs. Ahmed made a daring request, asking his friend to send him hashish in the Emirates.

His friend hesitated, remarking on the stringent security measures in the Emirates that made smuggling such substances exceedingly difficult. Unfazed by the challenges, Ahmed devised an ingenious plan that no one could have anticipated. He confided in both his mother and his friend, initiating a chain of events that would forever alter their lives.

Ahmed approached his friend and requested him to give a box of vitamins to his mother when she visited his house. Simultaneously, he spoke to his mother, expressing his heartfelt desire for her to visit him in the Emirates. He emphasized how much he missed her and the deep longing he felt to have her by his side. His mother, touched by her son’s heartfelt plea, readily agreed.

Ahmed instructed his mother to visit his close friend and collect the box of vitamins from him. Unbeknownst to her, the box contained the prohibited items he desired. He justified his request by claiming that the prices of such items in the Emirates were exorbitant compared to Egypt. Trusting her son implicitly, Ahmed’s mother accepted the box without hesitation, unaware of its true contents.

As the day of Laila’s (Ahmed’s mother) departure to the Emirates approached, she placed the box of vitamins securely inside her travel bag. However, little did she know that the UAE was known for its stringent measures against smuggling, be it weapons, contraband, or any prohibited items. When Laila’s bag underwent inspection at the airport, the detection device detected a suspicious density at a particular point within her bag.

The security officer carefully examined the bag and discovered the box of vitamins. With his astute judgment, he compared the box’s weight to its original weight, only to find that it weighed 250 grams instead of the expected weight of one kilogram. Intrigued by this discrepancy, he decided to open the box and inspect its contents. To his astonishment, he discovered that it was filled with hashish.

Overwhelmed with shock and despair, Laila burst into tears, realizing that her innocent son had been unknowingly implicated in this illicit act. She exclaimed, “My son Ahmed’s friend must have orchestrated this to implicate both me and my son, who works here in the Emirates.”

The authorities approached Laila, aware of her vulnerability as an elderly woman who was ill-equipped to withstand intense interrogation and psychological torment. They presented her with two options. The first was to cooperate, reveal the bag’s location, and allow them to investigate Ahmed to determine the origin of the box. The second option was that she would become entangled in the entire case herself.

Although terrified, Laila chose the first option in hopes of protecting her son. As Ahmed arrived and saw his distraught mother, she urged him to flee. However, before he could react, the authorities apprehended both Laila and Ahmed, whisking them away to separate sections for isolation. The interrogation of Ahmed commenced, with investigators questioning his knowledge of the box and its contents. Ahmed vehemently denied any involvement, stating that since his mother brought the box, it belonged to her and not him.

The investigators, stunned by Ahmed’s unwavering denial, pressed him further, desperate for him to confess or implicate his mother in drug smuggling, as drug abuse was a lesser crime compared to smuggling. Tragically, Ahmed, unaware of the extent of the investigation against him and his mother, succumbed to their pressure and falsely accused his mother of involvement.

Laila was subsequently taken to court and sentenced to life imprisonment on charges of drug smuggling to the Emirates. Meanwhile, Ahmed was acquitted of all charges. The devastating news

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